1 – A level 10 life begins from the inside out, beginning with the heart space and expanding out to our mind & body space, our physical living space, then our neighborhoods, community, region and world.

2 – It’s in our best interest to improve all spaces no matter what level we feel we are at. Our potential only gets higher and higher.

3 – There are 7 major life areas that if left unconscious or neglected, can cause massive unnecessary suffering: (1) Physical, (2) Mental, (3) Spiritual, (4) Social, (5) Emotional, (6) Financial, (7) Environmental

4 – There are proven strategies for developing these key areas that can lead to a happier, more empowered life and planet. Our goal here at is to continuously research best strategies and share them with the world

5 – Strategies are taught by different teachers through a variety of communication channels. Email, blog, books, audios, videos, workshops, retreats. Each teacher and channel has its benefits. And the the highest benefit we feel comes through immersion at one of our retreats.


Every month we host a 1 Week Full Potential Retreat at our retreat center in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. The goal of these retreats is to immerse you into a new way of living that will help you break old patterns and see things from a new perspective.

In addition to the training we provide, everything else is included too: healthy plant based food, adventures to explore the surrounding beaches, waterfalls rivers and beyond, yoga & meditation from our jungle deck, nightly vegan ice cream (no sugar!), music, dancing, drumming & more.  And our accommodations aren’t too shabby either (you’ll be staying in one of our private Villas overlooking the beach, the town of Quepos and forest full of vibrant life including monkeys, sloths and iguanas.

We understand that going back to the “real world” is hard and so we are doing our best to create a permanent village for those who want to stay. But we also equip you with a clear plan and support network to help you stay on track when you get back to your life. Our goal is to help you become a spiritual warrior that isn’t as easily influenced by your surroundings so you can stay on the right track.

To learn more contact one of our retreat specialists who can help you see if a Full Potential retreat is right for you. And if cost is a concern, please note that we do everything in our power to keep things affordable and help those in need. We also offer bartering if you have something you want to offer to all retreat guests. This also makes the retreat experience unique every time you come!


We are joining forces with teachers from around the world to come and be apart of our Full Potential Retreats and adding everything they do there as part of our Full Potential Academy. Many of them have also graciously gifted other materials they have sold in the past – at no cost to members of our Full Potential Tribe.

James Rick Stinson the founder of Full Potential, also known as “Mr.” has written over 7 books and has interviewed over 250 experts and authors on what it takes to live a Full Potential life. He’s including everything he’s ever created or will create in the Full Potential Academy. This is included FREE to anyone that attends a Full Potential Retreat.

If you’d like to access Full Potential Academy and you have not attended a Retreat – you may do so for a small minimum donation that goes towards our cause.

When enter your email and become part of our Full Potential Tribe newsletter, each month you’ll have a chance to win free access to the Academy or Retreat.


The key to creating anything you want in your life is knowing your next step.

Countless books were never written, inventions never invented, art never created, businesses never started and many other projects never saw the light of day because their creators lacked knowing the very next step.

Some people lacking a next step, but desperate to create the life they dream, seek to try to learn as much as they can about the thing they are interested in, consuming as much information as they can. Hoping that the next step will emerge.. or at the very least they will know what NOT to do. In many cases this simply doesn’t happen – learning more information can often create greater confusion on what to start on first.

With our coaching we hope to simplify your life with a clear GPS: Goal, Purpose, and Strategy – that always begins with a clear next step. The more common use for the acronym GPS is global positioning system, used for navigation, its a perfect metaphor. Imagine how much information the GPS contains and yet how inefficient it would be if it lacked a next step to any destination? Now imagine if you take that very same tool and just add a clear next step at each turn .. how much more effective would you be?

Our expert life and business strategists want to help you with your GPS and defining the next turn in your life. And we’ll do it for free. And hopefully when you see how valuable it is having someone coach you turn-by-turn, you’ll always have us to turn to 🙂

If you’re interested in a free session with a coach to help you discover YOUR next step, please contact us here.


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